Birkerod Grollimund: She enveloped his dick down almost to the base.

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How do you do? Physically, I'm 5'10 195 pounds or so, light brown wavy hair and plaid underwear and you should be too. I smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, and run about 1 hr 10 m every other day and usually shop at that coop and places like that unless it's the middle of the night when the only place open around here is Wal Mart so I go there and since it's night out I get in and out without anyone seeing me. Or Smith's if I just want some organic milk or something like that or just have a taste for one of those little roast chickens in the bag they sell, although I suspect those are pigeons, and they pay homeless people down at the bus station to catch them, which are nice with some brown rice or potatoes. And salad. Of course. I migrated from Michigan about seven years ago, without papers so marriage is probably out of the question although our offspring would be citizens I assume. But I love it here we can get into the definition of love in this context later on but I kind of mean I like being able to breathe out of both nostrils and I fully understand people resenting outsiders moving in here as that is why I fled my little beach front community on Lake Michigan not that I lived on the beach except that one summer so I guess that means there's an open slot in Michigan, if anyone is interested. I prefer someone who makes eye contact. Those who don't subscribe to my particular national allegory are welcome.

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