Macheng Bixler: Gentle fingers spread your swollen flesh and slid in and out between folds of sensitive, slippery skin.

Where does a relatively nice woman go to meet a relatively nice man? It seems impossible to find anyone online who isn't completely shallow and thoroughly selfabsorbed. Why is that the case? If there are real and sincere women online, where are the real and sincere men?I am relatively nice and relatively attractive. I am a thicker woman but not obese. Expect the worst and maybe you'll be surprised.I work, I pay my bills, I have coffee with friends, eat out on occasion and act like a responsible woman should. I am who I am where ever I am and I'm good with that. My personality can rub some people the wrong way. Honesty is not as much a desirable characteristic for others as it is for me. I'm a straight shooter and I expect the same quality in a man I am dating. I prefer men with a strong personality, someone stronger than myself. Being equal is fine and dandy but I want to be reminded who's in charge every now and then.The only requirements I have for a man regarding his personal appearance is that he is in possession of all his teeth or at least the majority. They don't have to perfect but they have to be in your mouth. I also require cleanliness. I'm a jeans and Tshirt kind of woman but I always look clean and smell nice. Tattoos are fine. I myself have one in a relatively discreet location. I don't mind men who look rough and rugged as long as they are sweet and affectionate with me. Balding and/or a body full of hair makes no difference. It's the quality of your spirit I am looking for.I want to laugh with someone. If you can make me laugh, you can make me do just about anything for you. It doesn't bother me if the man I date is not wealthy. I once heard someone say that she would rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable. I quite agree with that statement and so I live by it. I admit I am far from wealthy but I do what needs to get done. It doesn't bother me if you are not formally educated as long as you have common sense.I am not a religious person. I d

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