Pensacola Katra: They were stronger this time.

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1why do men place so much emphasis on outer beauty ? Because MOST women are shallow as hell and have nothing to offer but outer beauty so we fet conditioned to it.2 why do men want to have sex almost immediately upon meeting? This IS NOT TRUE unless you just date freaks and losers. Some men including me HAVE to get to know someone first. Sex is secondary to actually having something in common with someone unless she is just dumb as a box of hammers and in most cases this is true nowadays so then sex takes a front seat because she can not hold an intelligent conversation OR most guys have to get at it before all the illegal mexicans do and we know what they are carrying and if you do not then ask a worker at the health dept. New strains of std's there are no treatments for.3 why do fugly men think they deserve to have only a beauty queen? Why do SUPER HUGE women drive the smallest cars and think they are the hottest thing since sliced bread?4 why do men think with their penis? Reference answer 25 why do men avoid commitment? Why do women spend so much money?6 why do men always assume a woman wants to sleep with them? Why do Super huge women in the tineiest cars think everyone wants to sleep with them? Further more why do they all sleep with the mexicans?7 what do men find so appealing about a mail order bride from another country? There is nothing apealing about it unless you are a control freak and want a slave OR the man has been burned by the shallow ass women in this country.8 what do men REALLY want in a woman? Someone who will meet them half way. help work towards something to have in the future. Intelligence. someone grounded and not all up in lady gaga and the hollywood news. Someone not permanantly attached to the television, someone who doesn't sleep all freaking day while they are at work and never moves until the man gets paid then they are ready to go. Someone who REALLY cares and listens. SOmeone who doesn't lie, keep secrets from them...2 major ones ri

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