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I have been on chirrup on and off for a few years now, I will say that I have met some wonderful people, but more and more it seems as it has become a punching bag for abuse. Just because someone is online trying to meet someone does not give you or anyone else the right to mistreat, abuse or threaten anyone who posts. I know that there are bots and it can become frustrating but some of us are REAL PEOPLE with REAL FEELINGS and enough is enough. My most recent escapade was I was invited to dinner. I sent a recent pic, explained I was voluptuous found a sitter and made to the restaurant early, looking forward to a nice evening and meeting someone new. Well, needless to say, they never showed up. I was sent a text telling me I was too fat. Someone who would do something like this is abusive misogynistic. There is NO EXCUSE for treating another human being this way. Furthermore if a size 12 on a 41 year old woman is too fat then we're all in trouble. At the very least the peice of shit could have enjoyed a drink with me and then said something came up or anything other than sending a hateful, nasty email. I am no longer willing to subject myself to abuse on online. People need to learn how to treat people and stop hiding behind a computer screen. Its a disgrace and its abuse, plain and simple. Below is my picture, is this TOO FAT??? How dare ANYONE judge someone so harshly without even knowing them. Everyone needs to take a good look in the mirror, none of you are perfect, no one has to the right to disrepect, humilate or hurt another human whether they meet them here or in public or in church. Doesnt matter. Shalom.

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